Lessons at Music & Families

Music & Families’ Teaching Studio is made up of high‐quality teachers that are passionate about music and about teaching. All our teachers have years of experience playing, performing and teaching their instruments.

We have a family‐friendly atmosphere for students to come and learn. Families appreciate being able to bring several children in for lessons at the same place and time. We have a $5 discount for each additional family member that signs up for lessons. All of our teachers are willing to teach an entire family at a time, as well. This usually requires an hour‐long lesson, and costs are adjusted accordingly.

Recitals are given by the individual teachers, as well as store‐wide recitals nearly monthly, in our recital room.

Lessons at Music & Families are for a half‐hour private lesson one time a week, unless otherwise specified (or requested). We occasionally hold classes in music theory, history, and all kinds of other family-friendly subjects. Stay tuned to this page or our Facebook page for more information as these come up.

Piano$60/monthLori, Larene
Homeschool Music Classes$25/monthLarene, Dave, others
Other Low Brass$60/monthDave
Music Theory$60/monthLarene
Music Composition$60/monthLarene

We also have other teachers that teach at the store that are not officially part of our studio. Feel free to contact them to find out their schedule and rates.
Andrea Gregersen ‐ Let’s Play Music for children ages 4‐6 ‐ 208.680.5110
Rebecca Battle – Classical Guitar, Flute, Piano – 208.757.3768

Please click here to download our student application and email it to larene@musicfamilies.com or bring it in to our location.


Lori Wach

Lori Wach has trained in music since she was a little girl,  she grew up in a family of 5 brothers and 2 sisters.  Her mom was, and is the foundation and the biggest influence on her love of music today.  As a family, her mom trained each one of her brothers and sisters to […]

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Larene Frei

Larene Frei has been playing the piano for 27 years.When she was a child she saw her great-grandfather’s violin sitting around, and became very interested in learning to play. Two years after she started piano she started taking violin lessons with her father and has played for 25 years since. Music was a huge part […]

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Dave “The Rock of Gibraltar” Matlock

The most significant event that brought me into the world of music began when I was ten years old, the first time I picked up a trombone. Since then I have developed a fond knowledge and appreciation for brass instrumentation, most specifically to the bass trombone. My dedication to studying the instrument and its role […]

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